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The first thing we noticed when we arrived in Geneva was the air. It’s great! The alps are so close to the city, you’re breathing fresh mountain air all the time. The proximity of the city to the gloriously clear Lake Geneva does the rest.

Geneva only has around 200.000 inhabitants, but it’s Switzerland’s second biggest city and the most populous city of Switzerland’s French-speaking part Romandy. It’s a hub of the financial world, a fact that is hard to miss when you stroll through the streets, passing private banks, luxury hotels, and lots and lots of expensive cars. It’s also an extremely international city, home to the headquarters of many agencies of the United Nations as well as the Red Cross. Famously, the Geneva Convention was signed here.

But Geneva is also many other things. It’s a beautiful city right at the water, with gorgeous views in the distance. The public transport here is as punctual as all the clichés make you believe, and it’s something the city is proud of and promotes. Everybody landing at Geneva Airport can just walk up to a little machine next to the luggage belt, press a button, and receive a free ticket to travel to the city via train (a journey that will only take seven minutes). And when you check into your hotel, you’ll get a free transport pass to use during your stay. Geneva also has a small but exciting art scene, lots of outdoor spaces and a very picturesque old town. It’s close to many vineyards and offers amazing food.

Here is our photo story from Geneva, plus a few of our favorite places.

















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