Next time you’re on a road trip through California (or on your way to that all-important meeting in Silicon Valley), driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles, consider stopping just outside Los Altos for breakfast or lunch.

That’s where you’ll find Voyageur du Temps, a bakery and café opened by local entrepreneur Rie Rubin in an old railway station. The name, meaning time traveler in English, is meant to evoke memories of traditional, almost old-school baking traditions with a modern twist to them. The bakery’s logo reflects that: it shows the Roman numeral five that was used on clocks in French rail stations.

The menu, too, has a French twist to it, with artisan breads and pastries as well as sweet and savory snacks such as soups, Croque Monsieurs and crepes with fresh fruit.

Voyageur du Temps // 288 1st Street // Los Altos // Mon-Sun 7am-8pm // website
Images // Todd Tenkersley