When tasked with choosing the ideal location to open the first OURS, a concept residence creating a network of one-of-a-kind “homes” for travelers around the world, co-founders Brendon Garner and Ricky Chan naturally chose Los Angeles’ Downtown Arts District.

A vibrant, creative epicenter, boosted by its thriving restaurant, café and shopping scenes, the neighborhood proved the perfect place to create a concept hotel experience that stretches far beyond the typical guest room, encouraging visitors to explore the neighborhood and all that Los Angeles has to offer.

Situated in an unassuming building near other landmark L.A. projects such as Soho House, The Row and At Mateo, this ‘creative hub’ greets its guests and visitors via the OURS lab, an incubator of collaboration between host, guests and partners alike. A 1500sqft open loft space, with high ceilings and flooded with natural light, this carefully curated space welcomes guests to the world of OURS – where hospitality, design and creativity merge.

Appropriately named OURS No. 001, their first unit is the starting point to what will eventually become more than 25 guest units by the end of 2017, each the result of unique collaborations with designers and brands to select meaningful products and services that create an experience that goes beyond the space itself.

Each OURS unit provides bespoke products for guests to enjoy, such as Casper bedding, Stephen Kenn furniture and Linus bikes to cruise around Downtown LA – all also available in OURS’ online shop, allowing guests and those that stayed at home to continue the design experience far beyond L.A.

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