Chances are, you’ve seen or even tasted one of Mast Brothers’ delicious, handmade chocolate bars. They are recognizable from afar, with colorful packaging almost too beautiful to rip open. The brother’s headquarter and main factory is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, of course, but their confections are sold in many of the coolest stores around the world.

Visiting said factory is a treat for itself. The smell alone makes it worth a visit, and watching all the pâtissiers hard at work is fascinating and a lot of fun. If you’ve never been, or long to visit again, but aren’t in New York City anytime soon, you might be in luck.

Mast Brothers just opened a flagship store and factory slab dab in the middle of London Shoreditch on Redchurch Street. The place gives you the full Mast Brothers factory experience with chocolate bars, confections and beverages all handcrafted under one roof. Suffice to say, it smells just as great here as it does in Brooklyn.

Mast Brothers London // 19-29 Redchurch Street // London // Mon-Sun 10am-7pm // website