Amsterdam is home to many cool hotels and the Lloyd Hotel, opened in 2011, is definitely one of them. But it is more than just a hotel. We’re always wary of PR speak, advertising mediocre concepts as something special. But in the case of Lloyd Hotel, their catchphrases are definitely true and well-earned.

The hotel dubs itself as a ‘cultural embassy’, created out of a curiosity ‘to explore the cultural luggage of its guests’. The owners hope to form connections between the visitors and the Dutch culture and try everything in their power to make visitors to the city welcome. And they follow through on this concept.

The initiators of Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy are Otto Nan, an art historian who organized parties in the warehouse Vrieshuis Amerika in the 90s, Suzanne Oxenaar, independent curator and co-founder of restaurant Supperclub, Liesbeth Mijnlief, who had set up restaurant Amsterdam and Werkendam prior to that of Lloyd Hotel, and Gerrit Groen, a tax expert at Ernst & Young.

Together, they achieved what they set out for. The Lloyd Hotel is a beautiful place for all kinds of visitors and locals alike. It boasts a big library on the fourth floor that started out as a gift from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and has since tripled in dimension. The Dutch Foundation for Literature donated Dutch literature in foreign translations to give guests a chance to dive deeper into Dutch culture.

It’s a beautiful place, with bookcases designed by artist Suchan Kinochita, hand painted wooden slates by graphic designer Viktor Wiertz, and cozy, classical furniture. The Cultural Embassy organizes book readings, exhibitions and lectures based on the collection.

But the feature with the biggest impact on attracting guests from all walks of life are the rooms. The Lloyd Hotel is the first one-to-five star design hotel in the world. You can book a fancy 5 star double deluxe room, or hunker down in one of the 1 star budget twin rooms with a shared bathroom. All of them are beautifully designed and outfitted by a plethora of Dutch artist, and many of the 117 rooms are unique. Prices range from 51€ (approx. 58$) up to 348€ (approx. 394$), depending on room type and season.

Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy // Oostelijke Handelskade 34 // Amsterdam // website
Images: Allard van der Hoek (1)