The area of Vesterbro is a popular nightlife destination for a lot of Copenhageners, with the famous Meatpacking District and its galleries, bars and clubs in the center of it. Not far away from that, on Vesterbrogade, lies Lidkoeb, one of our favorite bars in the city.

Opened in 2012 by Adeline and Rasmus Shepherd-Lomborg, the people behind the popular cocktail bar Ruby in the city center of Copenhagen, Lidkoeb looks great, feels great, and tastes damn good.

The beautiful old building was erected in 1886 by pharmacist H.P. Madsen and for more than 100 years, it housed the production facility of Vesterbro pharmacy. Now, after extensive renovations and refurbishments, it’s a sprawling bar on three floors. The ground floor hosts the main room, dominated by the long oak counter, high draught taps and a cozy open fireplace. Everything is kept light and classic, but with a modern Danish touch. In summer the doors open up to a big courtyard with more tables.

The bar on the first floor is open to guests on the weekends, and the same is true for the top floor, where you can find Lidkoeb’s new Whiskey bar that focusses solely on Whiskeys from around the world.

Lidkoeb // Vesterbrogade 72B // Copenhagen // Mon-Sat 4pm-2am, Sun 8pm-2am // website