It’s nice to be incognito. Because even if you don’t have a flock of fans chasing you around everywhere you go, sometimes it’s nice to pretend.

Being private and staying under the radar is one of the principles of the Hotel Dupond-Smith in Paris. Located in the Marais (one of our favorite areas), this small luxury hotel caters to those that like to remain by themselves.

There are very few common areas in the building, instead, the rooms are gorgeous and big enough to spend a lot of time there. The all-day breakfast can be served in the small salon if you wish, but it’s most commonly brought up to the rooms. There are only five of them plus three suites at the hotel, all named after aliases used by famous people through history.

Dupond-Smith is nestled in a genuine 17th-century hôtel particulier, a  private mansion, which rises up four floors. Each area and space looks different, yet cohesive, and has been designed by architect duo Anne Peyroux and Emmanuèle Thisy.

See more pictures of the Hotel Dupond-Smith when you click through the slideshow above.

Hotel Dupond-Smith // 2 rue des Guillemites // Paris // website