Located at the corner of the famous Galerie du Roi and Rue des Bouchers, right in the center and close to some of Brussels’ most famous tourist attractions, the hotel lies next to the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, built in 1847.

Designers Fleur Delesalle and Camille Flammarion have played with luxury fabrics and contemporary colors to create an elegant yet cosy atmosphere. The 23 rooms and suites, spread out over four floors, each offer unique views of the Galerie du Roi, the City Hall, the rooftops of downtown Brussels, or the Private Patio.

Inside the rooms, distinctive features such as hardwood floors and wooden shutters are combined with furniture pieces from prominent contemporary design brands – including lots of Belgian ones – as well as antiques sourced in the hip Sablon district. Ceramic works of multiple shapes and forms are the signature theme of the Hotel and provide the uncluttered interiors with a true sense of cosiness and authenticity.

Right next door, at Comptoir des Galeries restaurant, French chef Julien Burlat cooks up a storm.

Hotel des Galeries // Rue des Bouchers 38 // Brussels // website
& Comptoirs des Galeries // Galerie du Roi 6 // Brussels // website