Staying in hotels is super convenient. But sometimes, you just need a bit more space, a personal vibe and more privacy. You can get all this, of course, by renting a space on one of the countless apartment sharing websites. But then you would be missing out on all the hotel amenities.

That’s the reason we’re quite smitten with Gorki Apartments in Berlin: They seem to strike the exact balance between staying in a hotel and renting out an apartment. Located in a beautiful building right in the Mitte district, these 34 apartments come fully furbished, with lots of space, great design and staff that will cater to all your needs – just like in a hotel.

Each apartment has a different name – think ‘Hans’ or ‘Paula’, so your stay there is totally anonymous (we all need to feel like rock stars once in a while), and each unit has a unique look. What we love about the place is all the care that went into designing the building and the rooms. A few of our favorite brands have been involved to design the perfect Berlin experience:

German fashion label Odeeh designed pillow cases, 12hrs favorites Wood Wood from Copenhagen took care of the staff’s uniforms. The cosmetics come courtesy of hipster favorite Dr. Bronner’s, and the bikes that every guest has access to were built by Finnish factory Pelago.

Prices start at 115 Euro per night, and if you’re feeling fancy, Gorki offers two penthouses for special occasions. Apartments are available for stays from one night up to six months.

Get an idea about what to expect when you click through our slide show above this article.

Gorki Apartments // Weinbergsweg 25 // Berlin // website