We’re fans of simple pleasures here at the 12hrs office. An afternoon walk in the park, fresh flowers, a nice slice of bread. Things that are good on their own and don’t need a lot of fancy add-ons to make us happy.

So when a place opens that promises to focus on one simple ingredient and bring out the best of it, we get curious. The newly opened Egg Shop in New York City is a place like that and we are very happy it exists.

The small restaurant is the brainchild of two self-proclaimed ‘eggheads’, Sarah Schneider and Demetri Makoulis. The couple with a love for egg sandwiches teamed up with chef Nick Korbee and hospitality veteran Florian Schutz to open up Egg Shop. There, they offer ‘eggs any style’, always organic and locally sourced.

On the menu of the casual eatery you’ll find tons of different interpretations of egg sandwiches – with grass fed tenderlojn steak and chimi-chili farm greens, for example, or egg whites, feta and spinach.

There are also several ‘cruisers’ on offer, giving you French Toast or Eggs Benedict in a bowl, as well as custom sandwiches  and yummy side dishes like fried chicken or hashbrowns.

Egg Shop // 151 Elizabeth Street // New York City // Sun-Thu 8am-12pm, Fri/Sat 8am-1am // website
Images // Alli Shepherd for Egg Shop