This June, This Is Antwerp hosted their annual D.A.T.E. event (the acronym stands for ‘Discover Antwerp Through Experience’). For a week, they invited creatives from all over Europe to discover the charming Belgian city while exchanging their work, stories, and ideas. This year, the focus was very much on the visual arts, with many of the 13 participants working in that field. There were illustrators, graphic designers, artists, writers, and photographers, and the 12hrs team was happy to participate.

Apart from a week of discoveries, some really creative collaborations ensued. D.A.T.E. challenged six of the participants to work together with local counterparts from Antwerp to create works inspired by each other’s art. Six ‘matches’ were formed, and each of them started working on a new piece, inspired by each other. The six artists from across the continent were Sarah Tanat Jones and Alessandra Genualdo from the UK, Jose Antonio Roda from Spain, Dennis De Groot from the Netherlands, Marianne Yarmolinksy from Israel and Siggi Eggertson from Iceland. You can discover some of their works in our article.

“D.A.T.E. is not just a way of putting Antwerp on the map as a creative, innovative city,” Jasper Kuylen, editor-in-chief of This is Antwerp explains. “It’s also a great way for us to bring foreign creatives together with our local scene. We handpicked these six Antwerp designers and artists to work together with our six international creatives based on their portfolio, but also on their mindset. Some matches were formed based on their similarities, others on their differences, which made it a very interesting collaboration – with stunning results!” The 24 artworks were presented in an exhibition at Fosbury & Sons and were printed as a limited edition set of postcards.

That location, Fosbury & Sons, is a breathtaking coworking space in Antwerp. In fact, it might be one of the most beautiful work environments we have ever seen. Sky-high ceilings, plants everywhere, big rugs cover the concrete floor. Luckily, this is not a closed-off work environment but very much a place to go when visiting Antwerp. The Coffeelab is open to the public and serves good coffee, homemade ice teas, and some great food. If you need a place to hang out in Antwerp, get some work done, or just want to have a drink in a stunning environment and maybe meet some locals, this is the place.

Find out more about D.A.T.E. Antwerp here: website
Fosbury & Sons // Mechelsesteenweg 271 // Antwerp // Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm // website