Barcelona has no shortage of great restaurants but lately, competition has gotten even fiercer. A new crop of street food vendors is shaking up the culinary scene of this foodie city. And of all the new food trucks, Caravan Made has to be most charming.

Operated out of a vintage trailer from the 1970s, Sílvia Cabra and Javi Ruz are selling handmade sandwiches with fresh vegetables and inventive toppings, all served on homemade bread.

Both have a background in hospitality – Javi graduated from the Hofmann Hospitality School in Barcelona, Sílvia is still studying there to become a pastry chef after working in advertising and PR.

Their Caravan travels around in Barcelona and along the coast, check the website and their Facebook page to catch them when you can.

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Hector Hernandez (3), Alba Garcia Aguado (2)