Bisma Eight is an all-suite family-owned boutique hotel experience set within the natural and cultural heart of Bali.

The goal for the hotel was to create a monolithic style pre-cast concrete design that was conceptualized by Balinese-based architect Ketut Arthana of Arte Architects and Singapore-based designer Jasper Chia of Fuur Design. The variety of materials were chosen to not only withstand the heat but to stay away from the usual brick, plaster, and cladding and for their maturing properties. Throughout the hotel, the use of old Balinese and Javanese doors sourced from heritage dwellings cast a unique aesthetic that embraces the principles of sustainable building. Each of the 38 suites come with Southern walnut flooring interlaced with copper sheet trimmings. The use of solid sung kai wood with jute screens allows for comfortable, spatial partitions.

Bisma Eight offers an all-day and late night gym, indoor spa service, a temperature-controlled pool overlooking lush forests and mountain ranges, as well as a rooftop deck to highlight its leading crafty cooking class, mocktail master class, and complimentary yoga activities.

Food at the hotel is supported by Copper Kitchen & Bar, a modern and progressive all-day dining concept highlighting the finest and freshest ingredients of the island.

Bisma Eight // Jl. Bisma No.68 // Ubud // Bali // website