Our 12hrs guides boil down the best a place has to offer in one handy, 12-item list.

12hrs is a travel website for people like you. We launched in 2013 to take you off the beaten paths, to our favorite spots, design destinations, and the places to be around the world.

Instead of way too many bookmarks, pins on Google Maps, saved Instagram locations, and screenshots, our 12hrs guides boil down the best a place has to offer in one handy, 12-item list. Less sightseeing, more wandering. Cool stores instead of tourist traps. Luxury when you want it and bargains when you least expect them.

We love fashion, design, great food, and even better coffee, and we show you the places that do the same. And if you want more tips from us, subscribe to our newsletter, where we share even more vacation inspiration.
Anna Peuckert
Anna Peuckert is a writer, freelance journalist, and consultant based in Germany. She has been writing about fashion, lifestyle, and travel for almost 20 years in print and online.

Her articles have appeared in national and international publications from Frankfurter Rundschau to The Guardian and she has published a guidebook to Copenhagen for National Geographic Germany. Anna is the co-founder of 12hrs and the site’s editor-in-chief.

She’s in charge of finding most of the cool places we write about and is the author of the 12hrs guides and our newsletter.
Søren Jepsen
Søren Jepsen is a fashion and travel photographer from Copenhagen based between Denmark and Germany. He is one of the most prolific and successful street style photographers out there with a career that spans almost 20 years.

His work appears on his website The Locals as well as on the pages of various Vogue magazines from around the world, on GQ.com, and in a book by National Geographic Germany.

Søren is the co-founder of 12hrs and its creative director, responsible for the look and feel of the site. He also takes most of the pictures you see on this site and shares even more on our Instagram.